Doing Business 2007

How to reform
Author: Doing Business
Published: September 05, 2006
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Since 2004 Doing Business has tracked regulatory reforms aimed at improving the ease of doing business in the world’s economies. Doing Business 2007, the fourth report in the series, found that reforms were making it easier to do business worldwide, including in Africa, a region where the private sector faces some of its biggest challenges. Reformers simplified business regulations, strengthened property rights, eased tax burdens, increased access to credit, and reduced the cost of exporting and importing.

Main findings

  • The report identified 213 reforms in 2005/06 that make it easier to do business in 112 economies. 
  • This year the report ranked Singapore first on the ease of doing business.
  • Two-thirds of African countries made at least one reform. 
  • China jumped 15 places up the list (from 108 to 93), making it one of the 10 top reformers.