Registering property: Measuring the quality of land administration systems

Author: Doing Business
Publication: Doing Business 2015
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  • This year Doing Business has collected new data in 170 economies on the overall quality of land administration systems through a set of indicators on reliability, transparency, coverage and dispute resolution.
  • Half of economies around the world use an electronic database for checking for charges on property (encumbrances)—and half have a geographic information system for recording maps.
  • In 72% of economies the land registry makes fee schedules publicly available, either online or on public display boards.
  • Only 56 economies make statistics about transactions at the land registry publicly available, and only 63 provide specific means for filing an official complaint about land services.
  • Around the world, 27% of economies have a registry with full coverage of private land, and 34% a mapping system with complete coverage.
  • A reliable, transparent, complete and secure land registration system is associated with greater access to credit, lower income inequality and a lower incidence of bribery at the land registry.