Doing Business in the European Union 2021: The Netherlands surveys 10 cities finding that no single city does equally well on all five indicators. Six of the benchmarked cities top the ranking in at least one measured area, with Eindhoven and Middelburg placing consistently among the top five cities across all five regulatory areas  Maastricht leads in getting electricity, Middelburg in dealing with construction permits, and Eindhoven in enforcing contracts. Five cities rank among the top half in at least two indicators and among the bottom half in at least two indicators, suggesting that they have something to teach and something to learn from their neighbors. Getting electricity is easiest in Maastricht, the place where contract enforcement is the most difficult. Enschede is among the top-performing cities for enforcing contracts, but the city scores poorly for dealing with construction permits and getting electricity. By contrast, Amsterdam ranks high in the latter two indicator sets, but it lags in contract enforcement.


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