Doing Business in the European Union 2021: Austria surveys 7 cities finding that no single city does equally well on all five indicators: Bregenz, Linz, Salzburg, and Vienna top the rankings in the measured areas. Cities that do very well in one area are at the bottom of the ranking for others. For example, it is easiest to start a business in Salzburg, which scores lowest on the registering property indicator. Similarly, dealing with construction permits is easiest in Bregenz, the most challenging city in which to get a new electricity connection. Enforcing contracts is easiest in Vienna, but the city has the second to lowest score for starting a business. Although Linz leads in two areas—getting electricity and registering property—it lags on construction permitting. Innsbruck does not perform at the top of any area, but it has the second highest score in three of the five areas, and is the only city that does not rank in the bottom three in any indicator.


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